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Code of Ethics:

  • The member should and must attend all the meeting held by TOAT that is not less than 25 percent, in order to retain membership.
  • The member, absenting from meeting must intimate to any member of Executive Council about his absence before the scheduled day of meeting and such intimation should be in writing as far as possible.
  • Each member must pay a membership fee in time. In case the member fails to do so, the Executive Committee will send a reminder to such member and, if in spite of three reminders, the member does not pay the membership fee or late payment charges as Executive Committee decides, then further action will be taken by Executive Committee about membership of such member in TOAT.
  • Each member of TOAT will look after the interest of other members of TOAT.
  • Each member of TOAT will inform TOAT Committee about any of his defaulting clients. This will also help other members from avoidable financial loss from such clients.

No active member will introduce any new ACTIVE member for TOAT unless :

The active member knows an aspirant member at least for last 2 years.

The active member has visited the office of an aspirant member not more than 30 days before the application is forwarded by an aspirant member for becoming an active member of TOAT.

In case any member of TOAT has a business requirement at any place other than his business place, then he will first give preference to a member of TOAT at that place for his requirement of business, if any, at that place.

  • To open a Grievance Cell for TOAT members.
  • To insist for a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the previous employer from persons applying for jobs with TOAT members

Membership Types:

1. Active ( Travel Agents and Inbound and Outbound Tour Operators )

2. Allied (Hotels, Resorts, DMC's, National Tourist Office )

3. Overseas

How to Join :

Whoever is in business not less than 2 years atleast can join us as a Member with the following procedure.

1. Has to fill up the membership application form with the attached below documents.

2. Proof - Min. Two years in business existence from date of application.

3. Copy of MOA or partnership deed, MCH License, Labor License

4. Should have registered office space.

5. PAN card of the company and directors or proprietor

6. Aadhar Card copies of directors or proprietor

TOAT's mission is to protect and promote the business interests of small and medium scale Travel, Tourism and Hospitality companies. which under the current scenario are facing a threat of extinction because of unethical business practices empowered by OTA ( Online Travel Agencies ).


Our Mission is to Unite the entire Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Fraternity as ONE UNITED FORUM to revamp and to improvise the industry Standards as per the current changing scenario.


We deeply feel that if we unite for a good cause, we may be able to fulfill the expectation of the industry and generate business on mutual support and Coordination.

Secretariat Address:

+91 9030008004

Tour Operators Association of Telangana, Opp Criminal Courts Road, Nampally, Hyderabad.

Telangana 500004 - India

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